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All payments are in USD, your bank may charge you an international transaction fee which we have no control over.

For large scale orders ($1000+) we are able to accept bank transfer. Please contact us for more information. 


About Licensing

When you purchase a typeface, you’re actually purchasing a license to use the typeface. We offer three different licenses; Desktop, WebFont and App licenses. For some typefaces, we only offer Single License only, it means that when you purchased the typefaces, you can use it on any media of your projects, Desktop, Web, Apps, etc.

Our licenses are designed to cover all common (and not so common) uses for typefaces. That being said, if for some reason your intended use is not covered by our licenses simply email us and we can arrange a custom license.

Just like other software, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, licenses are purchased according to how many people will be using the software.

All our licenses are a one-time payment and never expire.

Desktop License

The Desktop License is by far our most commonly purchased license. This is the license you'll need to design branding, logos, publications, posters, t-shirts etc. You can also design static images (jpg, png, gif) for use online with the desktop license – you do not need a Webfont license for this. The Desktop license is priced according to the number of users that will be using the typeface.

Discounts are applied when licensing for more than 2 users. The number of users purchased must equal or exceed your requirements. A user cannot be shared between multiple people or devices.

App License

If you're making an application for mobile devices (Apple iOS & Android for example) you will need to purchase this license. Please select your license according to the number of apps you plan to produce.

The same app tile on different opperating systems can use the same license. Sequels or updates do not need an additonal license if the title of the App does not change.

Webfont License

Our WebFont licenses are based upon the number of views you expect your website to have on average within a monthly period. The scaled options are designed to suit all of our customers from students to global corporations.

Our WebFont license files include WOFF, EOT & TTF and are hinted for web usage. A basic CSS file is included with your license. WOFF2 is coming soon, until then they can be requested post purchase, just send us an email with your order number. 

Buying Options


When you purchased a Pre-Order a typefaces from our Demo Release product, it means that we have 30 days to launch and completed the production process of the typeface you ordered.

All the process will send to your email to keep our process transparent for our customers.

After you purchased Pre-Order product, you will be our first priorities to send you the final typeface. And you wouldn't pay anything for a final typeface.

Email Information


When you downloaded our Free, Demo and Regular collection, you are agree to receive our monthly newsletter about the New Release, Special Offer, News and Update from us.

You can unsubscribe it by yourself.

Additional License

Demo & Free

You may use this license for layouts, presentations or pitches to convince you and your client to purchase the fonts finally.

Demo-Fonts are meant for testing or demonstration purposes. They allow you to use the fonts for testing exclusively and come along with a reduced character set and no OpenType Features.

This license is only supporting a Personal Use project and you are not allow to using for commercial project.

For example :
- You are not allow to use this license for any graphics design item that you sell on marketplace.
- You are not allow using the Demo or Free License to use as a concept for contest, festival or even the community (charity) project.
- If you have a charity project for the community, let us know and we can provide you a full license. Please make sure that your project is legal and the organizations had registered.
- You are not allow to share the Demo or Free license even on your website.

Make sure you are read the Demo & Free license carefully, in our process, we can take down and send you a DMCA notice when we are noticed that our Demo & Free license is being used in your commercial project.

* All the information is registered under Formatika Aksa Indonesia company.

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